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5 stars 5
Dr Weisenthal came very highly recommended for my Cataract Surgery. I felt safe and very well taken care of, before surgery, during and post op. He made the right decision for the type of lense to put in for my situation and all turned out very well. He is a very caring physician. And the surgical center where the procedure was done was outstanding as well. Thank you

5 stars 5
My visit to the office was outstanding . The office runs like a well oiled machine . Dr. Weisenthal is just great . Caterak surgery was flawless.

5 stars 5
Exceeded all expectations. Dr Wiesenthal could have written the book on professionalism. Very patient centric to the point he calls each patient after surgery.

5 stars 5
Dr. Wang was very good at putting me at ease before and after my cataract surgery. She answered all my questions and gave me back my site. I am very grateful for her. Also the staff is very pleasant and understanding.

5 stars 5
Two years ago, on my way to getting cataracts replaced, I was diagnosed with severe Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy in both eyes. Left untreated, this would ultimately lead to total blindness. The typical surgical alternatives involve either replacement of the cornea, or more recently inserting a layer of epithelial tissue.Fortunately, I was referred to an incredibly talented corneal surgeon, Dr. Robert Weisenthal , in Dewitt, NY. After a thorough examination he offered me a new, recently available surgical procedure called Descemet Stripping Only (DSO for short). This DSO would be done just prior to removing the cataract and inserting the new lens. The whole process would take only 30 minutes, but the recovery of full vision would likely be a slow process, taking 2 to 3 months.Dr. Weisenthal said that the best vision I could achieve with DSO might only be 20/45. However, the classic alternative would leave me needing steroidal drops for the rest of my life and carried the risk that the transplant could be rejected. So, it was a pretty easy decision to choose this new DSO procedure.I had my left eye done in September 2019, and then my right eye was done July 2020. I went in for a routine progress check on September 29, 2020 and was very pleased to learn that my left eye is now 20/25 and my right eye is 20/30.As I write this, I still need glasses for reading to correct mild astigmatism. Without glasses I can look out the window and enjoy vision as good as I ever remember having. Im able to drive without glasses! To say that Im happy that I took this chance would be a huge understatement. I feel very lucky and thankful that I was referred to Dr. Weisenthal. If anyone finds themselves in this situation, Id be happy to send the info that I researched, and answer any questions.