The Optical Boutique at our Brittonfield Office offers convenient appointments to assist you with your new eyewear purchase, or the adjustment and repair of your current eyeglasses. Please call our Opticians at (315) 463-6217 for more information.  You can also reach us by email at [email protected]

Your choices in eye wear today are limitless! With the recommendations of your Doctor and the Optician, we can provide you with the highest quality vision correction, and the perfect eye wear style to fit your life. Our optical boutique currently holds over 600 frame styles, giving you a wide variety of frames to choose from.

Choose a lens style

  • Single Vision Lens
    this lens is available in all materials and provides vision correction for one viewing area. The corrected area can be near distance, intermediate distance, distance for computers or far distance.
  • No-Line Progressives
    are designed to allow you to see at a distance for driving, intermediate for arms length correction, and near for reading. The absence of lines makes this lens more cosmetically appealing, as well as providing uninterrupted vision. For more information please visit  www.variluxusa.com
  • Bifocals
    provide distance and near correction, separated by a visible line
  • Trifocals
    correct for near and far with an added middle section to correct for intermediate distances, with a line to separate each section.
  • Specialty Lenses
    include children’s glasses, computer lenses, industrial safety lenses, spots goggles, motorcycle goggles and many more! Ask our optician for more information on lenses that can improve your activities.

Lens Recommendations

  • Plastic lenses
    are lighter than glass lenses, providing a more comfortable pair of lenses. Plastic lenses can be tinted to a variety of fashion colors to suit your needs,Polycarbonate lenses are recommended for their impact resistance and lightweight. Our office dispenses polycarbonate lenses for children, teens, occupational safety and anyone wishing to have safety and protection.
  • Hi Index Materials
    are recommended for patients with higher prescriptions. These lenses are designed to be thinner and flatter for superior optics, and cosmetic comfort.

Lens Options

  • Anti reflective
    is a special treatment that reduces distracting glare. The benefit to you is increased light transmittance; improved quality of vision, and reduced eye fatigue. “AR” coated lenses are also cosmetically appealing because your eyes appear more natural under the lens.  For more information please visit  www.crizal.com
  • Adjustable tint lenses or Transitions®
    are a convenient way to add sun protection to your eye wear. By automatically adjusting to lighting conditions, this lens technology provides you with premier optics, UV protection, and sun protection in one lens.  For more information please visit www.transitions.com
  • UV protection
    is recommended on all our lenses. UV filters protect your eyes the way sunscreen protects your skin- shielding delicate issues from the harmful UV rays.
  • Scratch resistance
    coatings are applied to all lens materials to prevent scratches from day to day wear. This prolongs the life of the lens.
  • Polarized lenses
    are the best choice for eliminating glare caused by sunlight on any surface especially water, snow, sand & windows. A special filter is placed within the lens to ease eyestrain and fatigue, and eliminate glare. Polarized lenses are also available in convenient Clip-Ons to fit your current frames.
  • Mirror coatings
    reduce reflections, keeping your eyes protected from glare, and looking and feeling cool. This lens treatment is a must for skiers, boaters, and other outside sports enthusiasts. Pair this coating with a polarized sun lens for the ultimate in prescription sun wear.

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